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Asbestos Survey

Regulation 4 of CAR 2012 stated clearly the duty holder of every organisation should provide a safe working environment, assess the asbestos and manage the ACM risk. For the safety measures it is quite important to conduct a survey of non-domestic premises. When it comes to the asbestos survey, undertaking it for your establishment involves evaluating the amount of asbestos, location of asbestos that is present at the premises and irrespective of the quantity. An asbestos survey is a standard survey and HSE strongly recommends to use certified surveyor and the purpose of survey is to check that if there is any potential asbestos hazard is present in the non-domestic building.

Asbestos Surveyor

If you are thinking that how it is checked then we do a thorough inspection of the premises so that we can provide sufficient information for Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) risk, the condition of asbestos and records must be maintained in asbestos register and management plan to tackle ACM safely. We have exceptional asbestos survey knowledge, experience and ability to carry out the Survey services through which we provide you with accurate information.

Asbestos Survey in London

The main aim of ACM survey in London is to help in managing the Asbestos in the duty holder’s premises and prepared a written plan with the help of asbestos survey assessment to manage the asbestos.  We carried out the ACM survey in London area make the survey results ready within 1-2 days.

Asbestos Survey Cost

If you suspect ACM in the building and you are responsible person or duty holder to manage the property, it is your legal duty & requirement under the HSE to ensure the ACMs in premises must be properly managed.

 Small Unit (500 sq.ft – 2500 sq.ft) :            £250 – £500

Medium Unit (2500 sq.ft – 5000 sq.ft):      £500 – £1000

Large Unit (5000 sq.ft – 10000 sq.ft):         £1000 – £2500

Asbestos Survey Types

It is duty holder responsibility to inform surveyor which type of asbestos survey is required for their compliance purpose.

Management Survey

A management survey is useful to locate as far as reasonably practical the presence of asbestos material in the building, the condition of ACM and their ability to release fibers if disturb.  This survey is involving the confirmation of asbestos, location and sampling results.

Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

This survey is necessary before any refurbishment work is to be carried out in the building and fully involve intrusive.

   Asbestos Survey Types  

   Type 1 

     Building surveyed without sampling and inaccessible place must treated as Presumption Asbestos.

   Type 2 

     Buildings surveyed and possible ACMs analyzed by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

   Type 3 

     Full survey normally carried out prior to a building’s demolition.

We also have the knowledge that when it comes to the Asbestos survey, then it is necessary for the team of experts to look into the extent of the deterioration if there has been any. We also know that these surveys cannot be conducted during regular working hours, so we work for you during the off days as well. We know that on weekends, the staff is at the minimum so we work for the individuals on weekends too but we don’t charge any extra charges for the services on weekends.

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We provide many other great services too, so if you are thinking to help you for Lease Floor Plans, Property Floor Plans, Legionella Risk Assessment, Fire Risk Assessment and EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), then definitely contact us. Make us a call anytime and see how we will provide you with services that one can only desire, you can email us. 

Asbestos Survey Services

Asbestos Management Survey

Asbestos Demolition Survey

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